SVS School Of Management

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a bachelor’s degree in commerce and business administration. BBA degree imparts basic management and business skills to students and it is a stepping stone to the high value postgraduate course, MBA/PGDM. Bachelor in Business Administration gives basic idea on the business principles and strategies. The course helps an individual to gain essential knowledge about the corporate world and also the fundamentals of Business administration. In today’s competitive economy, a BBA course trains effective leaders of tomorrow and entrepreneurs. Most of them choose to join the workforce straight after BBA.

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Bachelor OF Computer Applications (BCA)

Today, Computer Science is at the forefront of professional education. Worldwide development of traditional organization and enterprises towards IT has been momentum the need of hour. It started with scientific and engineering application and moved towards e-governance, ERP and E-commerce.

SVS Group is maintaining a high standard of teaching in classrooms and practical in computer laboratories with qualified and experienced faculty. The curriculum gives them ample opportunity to work in close cooperation with faculty members. The students interact freely with faculty on all matters related to academics and career guidance. The BCA qualification is well recognized throughout the IT industry and major IT companies are recruiting BCA graduates.

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